Friday, February 09, 2007

Who Are You and What Is Weird?

OK, Her Bad Mother tagged me with making a list of six weird things that you don’t know about me. Now, defining “you” in this case to be primarily Aunt Sassy and Bub and Pie, then they know everything and so make the task virtually impossible. But if I consider my audience on a wider base, then “you” don’t know very much about me and the world of my stories is my oyster.
As then for the term “weird” what if these things are not so much weird as “interesting” or “fascinating” or “never-woulda-guessed”? And what truly is weird, when all of this is so normal to me?

But enough dithering. Here goes:

  1. I have to leave a little bit of my drink in almost any glass I use when drinking, and there is no reason why, although I often come back to finish the drink.
  2. I once punched a man, twice, in the streets of Santiago, because he touched me. I was riled up, after having just seen the movie “The Net” with Sandra Bullock, aka “La Red” in Spanish.
  3. I won a talent contest for creating and acting in some commercials (there was a very small competitive pool, and I think I was twelve).
  4. My son was 10lbs 12oz when he was born, vaginally. I’ve been planning a whole labour and birth story post on this one.
  5. I got Garth Iorg’s autograph, and thought he was cute. Former Blue Jay—long time ago.
  6. Once I wear an outfit to a funeral, I have trouble wearing it again—when I was a child, I felt like the clothes had caught the cooties, but today it’s more from a sense of lingering sadness.

And that’s weird enough to call it a day.


bubandpie said...

Also, you saw Stefan Edberg. Not weird, of course. But important.

Aunt Sassy said...

I'm not sure you gave your talent show partner her due, in spite of the fact, if memory serves me correctly, I refused to participate is some kind of "commercial" you had written that involved diapers? But yay for Pacri Monster!

Mommy-Like Days said...

I forgot that's the name of the game I won! Yes, you're right. I didn't give credit to B&P either, who I believe co-wrote some of the commercials.

KD said...

How did I not know any of these things about you? I will be watching you now when you are finishing a drink. KD