Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Post Where the Blogger Interviews Herself

Q: Where did you come up with the name “Mommy-Like Days”? Are you glad you picked it? Do you still think it’s cool?
A: From my head; Hard to say; No. I guess I like the intended pun. I have always thought that was Clever. But I picked it in isolation, when I wasn’t exactly involved in the blogosphere. I didn’t realize, should I ever appear on a blog roll, it would place me in the middle of the pack, alphabetically speaking. Clearly, you want to be AAA Mommy, or 1 Mama, or something.

Q: Why blog?
A: Writing is fun! And topically speaking, mommy-related issues, child-rearing issues are extremely relevant to my life now. Blogging about such things is a way to carve out a bit of a life to call my own. As long as I can’t escape the mommyness of my life, I might as well embrace it.

Q: What is the main reason you don’t blog more?
A: The children. Boo doesn’t sleep well—I don’t have a morning, and I certainly don’t have an evening. I sometimes have an afternoon, but you know, things around the house have to get done sometime, as much I don’t prioritize “housework”. My husband once called housework the “biggest waste of human existence”, but he’s given to unintended hyperbole. I am not that strongly opposed to it, but stuff does need to get done.

Q: Who are your favourite bloggers?
A: Bub and Pie, and Her Bad Mother. They’re also the only ones I read regularly—but I’m looking to expand. I really want to expand my horizons.

Q: I’d like to talk about memes. Do you consider them to be an effective way to bring bloggers together, or merely imitative?
A: What’s a meme?

Q: What was a bigger adjustment: having your first baby, or having the second?
A: The second, by far. Adjusting to two kids is far more all encompassing, though when the first was born, I’d never have thought so. I mean, I would have said having one was a pretty big adjustment.

Q: What’s going to be harder, raising a boy or raising a girl?
A: How should I know?

Q: You have what is popularly known as a million dollar family. You have both a son and a daughter. I hear that your husband and you, however, prefer to call your family the choix de roi. Can you explain that?
A: It was in a book we read, a really funny essay of an American couple living in Paris. They were having a daughter and everyone was congratulating them because they had a son already, too; so they had the choix de roi. It takes them almost until the day the wife goes into labour to figure out what people mean. Basically it insures their kingdom survives. . .you know, the first born male preserves the lineage, then the second born, a girl, can be married off and expands the kingdom. I mean, if they were royalty, of course.

Q: You and your husband are not royalty.
A: (Pause) I guess I’m not totally comfortable sharing all the inside jokes . . .

Q: Whatever. Here’s my next question. Are you a good parent?
A: Wow. That’s a good question. My love for my children is absolute and unequalled, so I’m doing OK on that front and for all that matters, which is a good deal I suspect. But it’s the details of parenting that befuddle me, and that I’m not so good at. I can be a bit absent-minded at times. That’s a sign of sleep deprivation, too, but I think I’m not a natural when it comes to their daily care. But encouraging them, exposing them to new experiences, I’m good at that.

Q: I want to thank-you for your time, MLD or however you want to be known. And personally I think you’re a kick-butt mommy, you’re just too humble to see it.
A: Humility is my greatest attribute. And thank-you.


metro mama said...

The second baby is a bigger adjustment!?! Oh, shit.

I was just looking at your profile, we have lots of favourites in common.

bubandpie said...

Your name does lend itself well to acronymization - that's a point in its favour!

Her Bad Mother said...

Am honoured! Such a compliment! And from royalty! :)

Her Bad Mother said...

Okay, ma'am - get busy. I just tagged you with a meme.

Katie said...

You are a good mother! So calm, so cool, so collected!