Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sad, Hungry Geister

This is a sad, hungry boy, demonstrating how to do breakfast right, any time of day.

When Geister got up from his afternoon nap today (he had an afternoon nap—yay!) he climbed up to the table and promptly requested breakfast. He requests breakfast in this manner: “Mommy, I want breakfast. I want Cheerios, juice, and Life cereal on the table.”
That is to say, only the Life cereal is placed directly on the table. The other parts of the meal are in their respective bowls and cups.

Why did he want breakfast of all things? Did he think he just slept through the night??
But then I realized something that made the order or titles of the day’s meals irrelevant: We forgot to give him lunch today.


Nevermind that we were traveling from out of town back home, or that, after a good and proper breakfast in the am, we had drunk drinks with Aunt Sassy* at Starbucks—we had forgotten to give him lunch of any kind.

And so he ate his breakfast and then the chicken fajitas I’d cooked for supper. Oops.

*I would like to introduce Aunt Sassy. She's my sister, and Sassy is not her real name. Despite the fact I just heard a tale of a real-life Aunt Sassy who was/is the family drunkard, I am proud to give my sober sister this name. It originated courtesy of Geister.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky woman Aunt Sassy is to have such a witty and charming nephew!

bubandpie said...

I don't know if I've forgotten lunch, but I quite regularly forget to give the Pie any breakfast. Hey - I was thinking this morning, you know what you should call this blog? Geisterhaus.

Mommy-Like Days said...

Thanks so much for the comments, my two faithful readers! God bless you.
I am very much open to shaking things up in terms of the names/titles/set up of my blog. Some things are in the works. . .

Anonymous said...

Now I know where my daughter got the cereal in the bowl and on the table thing - it came out of nowhere about a month ago. Thanks Geister! BTW - Where on earth did you come up with that name? I love it!